Why Lifestyle Matters

What immediately comes to your mind when you hear the word “lifestyle”?

Is it a meme that says “It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle”?

Is it your favorite lifestyle website?

Or maybe you haven’t given the word very much thought at all.

As for myself, whenever I think of “lifestyle”, the things that I enjoy and are the most passionate about are what I reflect on—traveling the world, listening to great music, wearing the finest fashions, cooking exotic foods…and adventure. Oh, how I LOVE adventure!

Take the trip that I took to Hunter Mountain back in 2016 as an example. Anyone who’s close to me knows that I have a bout of Acrophobia (a fear of heights). But one day, I decided that there was absolutely no way that I could conquer my fear—OK, terror—unless I faced it head on.

I must admit that while I was ridding the ski lift up to the zipline, I was both excited and terrified. A part of me wanted to know what it would be like to soar on those cables while another part of me wanted to turn right back around and head home.

But you know what? After the first—OK, first and second—zipline, I started to feel a rush. By the time I was on the fifth line, I was doing flips like a semi-pro! In just a matter of moments, my paralyzing fear was replaced with a profound sense of freedom and accomplishment. It’s truly been one of my best adventures to date (Ironically, if you go to Hunter Mountain’s website, their tag line is “Adventure starts here.” To me, that’s a great confirmation!)

In many ways, that experience is a metaphor for this section of my site because it’s all about showcasing different ways for YOU to be able to LIVE your best LIFE! Here you’ll find everything from products that I truly enjoy (think “Oprah’s Favorite Things” only swap out her name for mine), destinations (including fabulous hotel accommodations that you can actually afford) that I know you’ll want to consider putting on your vacation to-do list and other things like blogs, art, trendsetters and anything else that I truly believe will enhance your own lifestyle.

I also want to hear how you define “lifestyle” along with whatever products and services you have that may help others to life their best life too!

So, c’mon, really…what are you waiting for?

You’ve got one LIFE. Let’s work together to bring as much STYLE to it as possible!