Rosalyn Ortega on Urban Teach | Business Matters

Legitimate Matters is created to educate, inform, motivate and inspire. My guest on this episode is a great fit for our concept.  Rosalyn Ortega, a NYC native was born in Washington Heights and raised in the Bronx, NY. Growing up in a low-income environment, Ortega excelled in academics and developed a passion for personal growth and professional achievement. At 18, she decided to bypass an undergrad education and elected to complete a 1-year Hotel Management Program at a regional business institute. Over the course of twenty years, Rosalyn Ortega climbed the echelons of Corporate America, taking advantage of every opportunity to gain advanced business acumen. In her spare time, she developed proficiencies in stock trading, income tax preparation and Real Estate Investment.

Ortega is now the Founder of Urban Teach NYC, a Seminar and Workshop company designed to connect specific industry experts with adults who seek information for personal growth or business intelligence.  

Learning is part of the human experience. People learn out of necessity, desire and motivation. Principles for directing and simplifying adult learning have evolved over the past 40 years. Adults bring life experience and comprehension to the learning environment. Adults ascertain best when they relate new insight and information with previously learned knowledge and real-life circumstances.

Urban Teach NYC brings Life Learning seminars with relevant topics including Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Wellness & Nutrition and more.  Urban Teach NYC presenters are not teachers, instead experts with proven track record in their field. Seminars and Workshops are held at various venues throughout NYC and online via UTNYC learning portal.

Urban Teach NYC was established on the premise that self-education has limitless potential. Watch this episode and learn how you can be part of the Urban Teach NYC adult learning community from anywhere!