Roman Castle, Author; On My Way To Hollywood | Legitimate Matters

Roman Castle is an acclaimed actor, writer and author of his recent biographic release, On My Way to Hollywood.” Roman Castle is best known for his co-starring role in the 20th Century Fox Blockbuster film, “Only the Strong” released in 1993. The movie shares a true sense of his passionate pursuit to achieve a successful acting career in Hollywood. However, Castle’s story is anything but typical. It’s a story of genuine naiveté in a parallel reality with A-list actor same-sex-escapades, manipulation and games of truth, dare or consequences! In this Episode, Parris sits with Roman who breaks down personal experiences that almost compromised his goal of achieving his dream and changed who he was forever.

The book centers on his humble beginnings having been raised in a strict Christian environment. Roman describes his childhood as sheltered. His parents were prominent figures in his and his siblings’ lives.

Roman made it his mission to work towards reaching the ultimate Hollywood dream of becoming a well-recognized actor. Roman was awakened to the pretentiousness of the industry. During casting and call-backs Roman was constantly faced with uncomfortable situations and a road he was not willing to go down.

Considering the #metoo movement, more Hollywood actors have recently come forward to express their experiences with sexual assault. This includes keeping quiet about actions performed against their will to land much coveted A-list roles. The #metoo movement is not only applicable to young women in a tough and persuasive industry but also young men. It is about taking advantage of those who have a dream and wish to pursue it.

It is about powerful figures in authority taking advantage of naïve men and women who are seemingly “seduced” into a false sense of security and the eventual compromise of their rights.

“On My Way to Hollywood” is a compelling story of faith, strength, personal conviction, career and life changing decisions. Regardless of your personal life quest, there’s an inspiring moral lesson to be discovered from “Roman Castle’s journey to Hollywood.”