Dr. Roger Sahoury on Corporate Wellness | Legitimate Matters

In this episode, William Parris interviews Dr. Roger Sahoury, Chiropractor and founder of Above and Beyond Wellness Center in Paramus New Jersey. This exceptionally unique wellness facility utilizes 50 different cutting-edge computerized technology that can detect hidden causes of any health problem. He applies unique approach to correct the physical, chemical, and emotional blockages that can take place. Physical, chemical, and emotional stress can cause blockages in the way life is expressed in the body. Blocks in the expression of life leads to malfunction, disease and symptoms. By correcting those blockages, realign person is realigned to the power within called life and only that power can restore function, healing, and health from within. Dr. Roger Sahoury focuses on correcting the cause instead of treating symptoms or masking the problem.

Dr. Roger Sahoury has been in practice since 2002, providing a holistic approach and applied corrective chiropractic neurology techniques to thousands of patients. He first created a chiropractic clinic then expanded to ensure all modalities of wellness were addressed. Today he’s studied over 50 holistic methods, speaks globally and has been featured on TV and radio including: CBS News and The Talk. He has worked with athletes from the NFL, MLB and NBA. He was also featured in Forbes on corporate wellness and has been a key note speaker for Fortune 100 companies.

Dr. Sahoury is also the author of “The Gladiator's Guide to Corporate Health and Wealth: A Battle Plan to Slay the 7 Archenemies of Corporate Profitability”.  In his book, Dr. Sahoury discusses the disappointing reality that individuals are still reluctant to embrace corporate wellness as a path to profitability, even though a large proportion of diseases and disorders are preventable and modifiable health risk factors are reliable predictors of many diseases, disorders and premature death.

Invited as a wellness and health expert on every major network with the largest Chiropractic Clinic on the eastern seaboard, Dr. Roger brings a deep and powerful wealth of experience to every speaking engagement. Having addressed the concerns of companies such as BMW and DHL from the U.S. to remote locations such as Sri Lanka, Dr. Roger brings a level of corporate and human understanding that few in the world have achieved.

Watch this episode of Legitimate Matters to better understand how your Executive Team can improve their performance and make better decisions for your company through improved health and happiness.