The Richard Rosario Story - Part 2 | Social Justice Matters

Richard Rosario, wrongfully convicted claims his conviction was the product of witness coercion, suppressed evidence, and a “flimsy case” in which police failed to follow up on alternate leads and 13 eye witnesses who could testify that Rosario was in Florida at the time of the 1996 fatal shooting of 17-year-old Jorge Collazo. Police officers were “under pressure to close the case quickly,” the complaint continues, and “deliberately manipulated witnesses and prosecuted Rosario for murder despite lacking any reliable evidence of his guilt.” Rosario spent 20-years in prison, separated from his wife and children before he was exonerated. Where is the accountability of District Attorney, Bob Johnson who refused to reopen the case when evidence of Rosario’s innocence was made known.  Why haven’t false witnesses been prosecuted? What recourse does an exoneree have when they serve time because of offense attorney negligence? Could this happen to someone you love? Tune into this compelling episode of Legitimate Matters. Parris and Rosario discuss a true story about social injustice, prejudice, conflict and determination!