Lisa Lieberman-Wang on Authenticity, Depression and Success

I am often surprised when someone tells me I have impacted their life in a positive way.  This usually relates to something I said or a personal story I have shared. I’ve been told my story or advise was encouraging, applicable and memorable. Although I truly want to be an encouraging individual, I don’t search for the right words to tell someone what I think they want to hear. I share from personal experiences; life lessons and I keep it real.

My personal life journey has taken me through instances that have impacted my past, present and future. Personal values and perspectives are often a culmination of negative and positive experiences, which become lessons. Unpleasant occurrences can bestow strength and resolve or lead to self-destructive behavior.

My guest on this Episode of Legitimate Matters is Lisa Lieberman-Wang, founder of FINE to FAB and N.A.P. Coaching Academy. Lisa is a Public Speaker, Relationship Expert and # 1 “Best Selling” Author of “Fine to Fab”.  On the show, Wang discusses the “Seven Secrets of a Successful Woman’s Journey Away from Depression, Disordered Eating and Self-Sabotage”. Lisa Lieberman Wang has been featured on TV to promote her coaching system, which helps her clients release years of shame and blame through a customized therapeutic system.

What this Episode and learn methods for embracing your own perceived imperfections and deeply rooted feelings of rejections. Lisa Lieberman- Wang coaches how to adapt a gratitude mindset and take your life from being Fine to living Fabulous!