Indivisible Episode 2: Generation Z | Politics Matters

Indivisible Episode-2 | William Parris interviews members of Indivisible, a liberal grassroots anti-trump movement in U.S. politics. Parris discusses today’s political climate with Micah Bergdale and welcomes 18-year-old Catherine Robinson who shares personal political realities from a Gen-Z perspective.  

The United States has become severely fragmented with political, racial and fiscal divide. Americans are angry, frustrated, concerned and desperate for solutions. The resolutions we seek might be found among a group of citizens who will sculpt our future as a nation.  The is the weight of Generation Z.

Generation Z are those who were born between 1995 and 2010.  This peer group is the next voting demographic following Millennials. The 2020 General Election will be the first-time members of Generation Z will vote in a presidential election.  This age group will influence our government for years to come.

A dispute among white advocates is the Legitimate Matter on generational political influence. Critics and supporters concur that the Alt-Right is overwhelmingly young. Many who relate with its ideologies are critical of their seniors, rebuffing them for supporting mass immigration, desegregation, and destroying the former, overwhelmingly white America. Whites have a more favorable opinion of President Trump than non-whites. Still, only 35 percent of whites and only 43 percent of white men like him. Similarly, 45 percent of young white men have an unfavorable opinion of former president Barack Obama, while younger white women are more positive.  “Generation Z will save us,” is a common theme in the Indivisible movement and mainstream conservatives.

The Public Religion Research Institute’s report, “Diversity, Division, Discrimination: The State of Young America,” is based on a polling sample size of 2,023 people between the ages of 15-24. Interviews were conducted online “in both English and Spanish” between July and August 2017. overall, it makes for depressing reading. Generation Z appears overwhelmingly leftist. Only 25 percent of those polled support President Trump, with 72 percent holding a negative opinion.

New polls suggest Generation Z is hardly a source of white racial consciousness. They find that Generation Z is liberal and less likely than older Americans to believe discrimination against whites is a problem. It also finds that many young people of every race and both sexes has a negative opinion of President Trump. However, polls show large differences between whites and other races, and between young white men and young white women. Whites are also far less likely to believe discrimination among blacks and Hispanics has been increasing over the past year.

Generation Z is concerned about limitations on personal freedom, government’s involvement in gun ownership, access to abortion, euthanasia, marriage equality and climate change.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but a government that embraces polarization and arbitrary party platforms will alienate Generation Z voters further. Whatever happens, Gen Z will play an influential role. Gen Z are the future movers and shakers, the new powerful force in American society