Indivisible - "Save American Democracy" | Politics Matters

Launched after Donald Trump’s election, Indivisible became a nationwide movement with thousands of volunteer-led local groups that engage in progressive advocacy and electoral work at the local, state, and national level.

The goal of Indivisible is to "save American democracy" and "resume the project of creating a civilized and humane America that is more like social democracy than corporate plutocracy (An elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth).


Indivisible’s reach makes it uniquely positioned to mobilize its network and build political power in 2018 and beyond. Indivisible groups add capacity and energy where progressive and party infrastructure is weak or nonexistent, particularly in red, suburban, and rural districts. These political programs capitalize on this strength in 2018 by empowering local Indivisible groups to achieve electoral victories at the local, state, and federal levels nationwide.


Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee (also known as a Carey Committee or a Carey PAC) that is independent of any candidates or party structures. Indivisible Action supports Indivisible groups as they build long-term progressive power to contest elections through a 50-state national electoral program, Indivisible.

The program takes Indivisible groups through stages of training and running their own electoral programs, wherever they are. Indivisible members work with groups as strategic partners in this effort, providing support and guidance on where their actions can have the most impact. When groups are given access to tools normally available only to campaigns and parties, they can use them to run their own voter contact programs and to help elect the candidates they support. At its core, the program aims to equip Indivisible groups across the country with the resources they need to build long-term power to contest everywhere, democratize the tools that historically have only lived with political parties and candidates to win elections, and ultimately change what’s politically possible so that no seat will ever be “unwinnable” again.
Regardless of your political views, watch this episode of Legitimate Matters to better understand the measure of what’s at stake in midterm and presidential elections and how you can get involved and have an impact on United States politics on the local level. Plan to take action and meet others who are working to resist Trump’s agenda.