Allyson Hawkins Ward on Helicopter Parenting | Whatever Matters

Legitimate Matters to discuss the topic of Helicopter Parenting.  Ward is the Best-Selling author of “Please Don’t Come Home (Except for a Visit) - A Field Guide to Creating Independent Adults” Ward discusses Helicopter Parenting and the Millennial sense of entitlement and raising children to become responsible adults. She offers insight on some of the signs that help you to know if you are a helicopter parent. In addition, she provides real-life examples and suggestions on how to avoid it.

Helicopter parenting refers to the parenting style in which parents pay extreme attention to issues and life activities of their children. They observe each act of their child constantly. Usually, parents start this practice with good intentions, but it tends to affect negatively on the kids. This habit affects children badly by decreasing their self-esteem and confidence, increased anxiety and staggering life proficiencies, and less known to the right of power. In fact, it makes their life difficult by reducing their sense of decision-making, increasing dependency, and reducing self-confidence. They also lack problem-solving skills.

Parents should provide a space for their children to flourish and avoid being too authoritative. Children will not perform better with a helicopter parent. Instead, it prohibits them from knowing their true self and prevents them from maintaining a healthy and creative lifestyle.

If you do your child’s school homework, coach his coaches and instruct them to play safe, you do not let them fail in any situation. Such actions expose you as a helicopter parent. When you come to terms with this reality, you can begin working on self-discipline. Let your child learn that failure is an important reality of life. Your son or daughter can then develop healthy and creative qualities.