Jacqueline Wayans Speaks on Abstinence | Whatever Matters

How in the world could anyone choose to remain abstinent for years? If there isn’t anything wrong with you physically, then one may assume something is wrong mentally. Well, my guest on this episode of Legitimate Matters is Jacquie Wayans, Author, Singer, Radio and TV Host. Jacquie never thought she would be celibate for 15 years. After experiencing a divorce in her early 30’s and raising 3 kids as a single mother, it was clear to Jacquie that she should remain abstinent until she remarried.

Wayans is now imparting a few things she has learned along her journey. She shares what it means to ‘renew’ your virginity, how to deal with naysayers, making the decision to remain abstinent and sticking with it, guarding your heart, mind to succeed and when you must cry alone.

Wayans focuses on delivering key tips to keep one’s commitment to abstain sexually during what could be a challenging and often isolating period. I want to make this journey easier for anyone else that is courageous enough to take it. They don’t give up, they win!”