Naturopathy - Ask The Good Doctor, LaJoyce Brookshire D.N. | Wellness Matters

In this episode of Legitimate Matters, William Parris catches up with renowned Doctor of Naturopathy, LaJoyce Brookshire D.N. Dr. Brookshire is a celebrity in her own right since her days as Public Relations Director with Arista Records, where she worked with legends such as Clive Davis, Aretha Franklin, The Notorious B.I.G and Whitney Houston to name a few. LaJoyce is a #1 Bestselling Author, Playwright, Radio Talk Show Host on SiriusXM's "Ask the Good Doctor" on channel 126 on Sundays at 8:00 A.M. Dr. Brookshire is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, Certified Group Fitness Instructor and an advocate for Literacy and Abstinence. How is all this possible? Watch this episode of Legitimate Matters and see what great women are made of! Watch and learn why a Naturopathic approach to life is vital for a wholistic approach to wellness. Watch this episode and feel free to share your thoughts on my YouTube channel: And please subscribe! Thank you!