Dr. Rick Smith on Climate Change - Episode 2

Episode 2 Climate Change: William Parris continues his compelling conversation with Dr. Richard W. Smith, Organic Geochemist about Climate Change. Scientific evidence long with what we can see with our own eyes, supports the reality of climate change and its effect on the planet. Is there a threat to coastal cities?

The impacts of climate change are quite real. The time has come for us to begin facing the challenges if we're going to anything about it. Meteorologist accurately predicted Hurricane Florence, a storm that thrashed the Carolinas for days with waves of water up to 11 feet high onto the shore. Homes were pounded, businesses flooded and the storm breaking rainfall records. Areas of North Carolina coast were engulfed with more than 30 inches of water.

Scientific evidence proves storms are stronger, bucketing and more frequent because of climate change. A group of academic research scientists calculated roughly how much of Hurricane Florence's predicted rainfall total is our fault. The team estimated that forecasted rain totals are more than 50% higher than they might have been if humans had not warmed up the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

Is climate change really a debate? Watch this episode of Legitimate Matters with an open mind and judge for yourself.